10 IT Leadership Tips from Top Experts

It is great to ask questions from a superior or mentor, but what if you are the head of the department? Where do you turn with your inquiries? In an article for, John Brandon shares expert advice for IT leaders today.

There are ten pieces of advice the experts wish to share with leaders:

  1. Manage your energy level.
  2. Communicate in person.
  3. Combine the young and the old.
  4. Learn to listen.
  5. Hire communication help.
  6. Learn to inspire vision.
  7. Leadership is a partnership.
  8. IT inspires human interaction.
  9. Work to link IT and marketing ROI.
  10. Focus on training.

It is essential to possess energy in order to lead the life you want. You can increase physical energy by increasing exercise, maybe a quick walk every day. Mental energy can be increased through prioritization of tasks, and overall energy can be managed with carefully scheduled breaks to recover and stretch mind and body.

Communication in person is much more effective than through the enticing use of technology. Face-to-face conversations allow for immediate feedback as well as a better manner in which to convey clarification or gratitude. Communication will also help to blend the young and the old employees, something of high benefit for innovation. Along with talking, a leader’s ability to listen is vital for success. Listening is not a difficult task, and yet it is so underutilized. Share appreciation and listen! If you find yourself struggling with these communication necessities, a communications and presentation skills expert can help, even if they only come in for a few meetings.

Build up your team and help them envision success. Employees who believe you have a high opinion of them tend to work and achieve more. IT is a partnership, working to appease a multitude of parities. IT leaders need to be aware of this and work together with everyone.

IT can actually help improve human interactions; a technical solution is not always necessary. Human interaction solutions are often more credible and trustworthy. IT’s idea for ROI is a little different than sales & marketing, but it is still important to share. This ROI will help to elaborate on people’s true interests.

Lastly, training has an immense impact on a business and should be treated with the utmost importance. It may seem costly, but in the end proper training promotes employee retention and better results.

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