Why Fun at Work Matters

The promise of fun can yield dramatic productivity boosts. In a book excerpt shared at Monster, Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher explain how and importantly why it works.

Having a Carrot to Chase

Gostick and Christopher share the example of a factory floor who promised to exceed their quota by 50 percent if they could spend the last two hours tossing paper airplanes (etc.). They ended up exceeding 150 percent of their quota by the required time, and in the weeks that followed, they continued hitting “record production levels” as a result of fun rewards that awaited them. This is called the “Levity Effect,” and it has the added bonus of inspiring higher morale and lower turnover. Supporting this notion, the majority of businesses deemed “great” to work for are also cited as “fun” by the Great Place to Work Institute (yowza, that sure sounds like a made-up organization). A terrific amount of trust in employees is required in order to further propel a business through the unlikely battery that is “fun” though. Can you harness this power for your business?

You can read the full excerpt here:

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