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Want to Engage Employees? Feed ‘Em!

The secret to a happy and hard-working employee is simply food. Today’s workforce, particularly the millennials, is motivated by pizza parties and free cookies. Dennis McCafferty, writing for CIO Insight, explores this cost-effective phenomenon.

Hungry for a Happy Workforce

Proper nutrition is essential for maintaining a person’s being. Food is a motivator, and having a well-stocked company fridge for the employees to access will give the company a competitive edge, along with helping employees to remain focused on their work. An impressive 66 percent of employees who work in an office with a “nicely stocked” fridge remark that they are “extremely” or “very” happy to be working for their company. Another 42 percent of employees describe their office fridge and cupboards as a desolate wasteland.

There are more fun stats on snacking. For instance, 40 percent of people are envious of their friends who work in nifty places that offer free food. Healthy snacks are even more highly coveted, with 83 percent of people thinking it to be a bonus. The working millennials are in a majority consensus that they would take a job if it offered snacks.

Food helps to motivate people and keep them focused and productive, as 56 percent of employees state that they hit that 2 p.m. feeling hard and need a pick-me-up in order to finish their day. Forty-eight percent say that they actively snack on food or drink one to four times a week. An amusing 32 percent of people admit to hiding food in a secret compartment at their desk.

The most highly rated office snack is coffee or tea, followed by fruits and vegetables, salty snacks, and baked goods, so stock up! You can view the full slideshow here:

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