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The Top 5 Trends Impacting ITSM

Out with the old, in with the new! With the old approaches to IT service management (ITSM) being phasing out, evolution will soon take place. James Henderson, writing for Reseller News, explores the five trends directly impacting ITSM in the immediate future:

  1. Service integration
  2. Focus on the customer experience
  3. Mixed method delivery
  4. Cyber resilience
  5. Everything defined by software

The Next Step in Service

There is a shift towards multi-supplier integration because of reduced risks, shared costs, allowing time for internal IT to focus on different priorities, and allowing organizations to scale back when desired. However, it does face challenges. For example, there is convincing suppliers and stakeholders to work together and view IT as one group. Service integration and management (SIAM) guarantees that services are meeting business needs and inspires innovation.

Without the customer, the business would be nothing. Organizations need to shift their focus towards a customer service-centric mindset and improve the customer experience. In doing so, this will increase customer loyalty. Use technology smartly to shape this experience. As it currently stands, most organizations have one go-to way of integrating new technology into the business. However, there is a demand for the use of a variety of methods in order to ensure better service delivery. Continuous release delivery is no longer a lucid dream, but rather a reality. Utilize it!

Security controls are working at an all-time best and the probability of a data breach is at 22 percent. With this in mind, there is a movement towards cyber resilience rather than the traditional security. This will help to better incorporate people, an aspect previously neglected.

Everything nowadays is defined by software. This type of environment is automated by intelligent software instead of hardware. Service ecosystem-as-a-service (SEaaS) allows for all application environments to be executed with a simple click of a button. Organizations may even already have the technology in place to do this; they just need to aggressively pursue it.

To keep on the cutting edge, organizations need to continually look at the trends occurring around them. You can read the original article here:

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