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The Most Important and Ignored Skill of the IT Department

What is vital to business success but ultimately ignored? Cross-functional interactions are tragically misunderstood in the realm of business. In an article for TechRepublic, this skill is further examined.

Undermined as Usual

IT is the only department that understands the business at an operational level, and yet their voices go unheard. Business leaders too often do not encourage IT to pursue cross-functional interactions, and IT is not encouraged to speak up. This is all terrible because IT has a unique perspective from which to share its expertise, which inspires the business to achieve greater, innovative success.

When it comes to IT, there are two different approaches to take. The first is that IT is not a “solutioning” business. IT is not to interfere with business operations or requirements and is not in a place to suggest otherwise. The second is the opposite: IT should participate in these imperative decisions and share its perspectives. Those who advocate the first approach are in danger of marginalizing IT and making it impossible for it to feel like a part of the business. The second carries the problem that even if IT speaks up, its input will not be respected or utilized.

IT is trapped in a world where if it sits idly by, its ability to perform its own role successfully is detrimentally impacted. IT is held responsible when projects fail, and they should be able to voice an opinion to prevent this. The bottom line is that IT needs to earn its credibility. IT needs to stand up and assert its voice by advocating all the benefits technology can bring. IT simply needs to bring more value to the business and its credibility will skyrocket.

The most underutilized aspect to IT is the ability to comprehend processes and inter-workings amongst departments. If this was employed more frequently, efficiency would climb sharply. It is a battle that must be fought and can ultimately be won. You can read the original article here:

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