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Six Things Your IT Support Might Be Missing

What is your IT department currently working on? Most business owners cannot answer this simple question, and yet it is so important. In an article written for infoTECH, Greg Kelly maps out points of discussion to have with the IT department in an effort to ultimately improve the business.

Things to Discuss

  1. Evaluate cloud services
  2. Monitoring workstations and servers
  3. Email backup
  4. The vision of the business
  5. Contingency plans
  6. Documentation of systems, technical processes, and service credentials

Being proactive is pertinent when it comes to managing a business. Periodically, it is vital to assess how well cloud services are working. Services from the cloud open up a wealth of opportunity because it is a low-cost way to only purchase what the business needs now, while having the option to invest more in the future. The workstations and servers should also be monitored. When there is technical downtime, there is a substantial cost to the company because employees cannot do their work, but this is so easily avoided with simple monitoring software equipped to anticipate this type of disaster. One such catastrophe could be the failure of email. Email is the number one way to communicate in the business world today, and so it needs to run smoothly and be efficiently archived.

The plan of any business dictates the direction in which it will go. A clear vision will help to not waste time or resources on technology that is not really going to serve the company. Analyzing trends in the market allows for IT to stay on the cutting edge, or, if the decision-makers are uncomfortable with such technological advances, move at a pace that is deemed right for the company. There should also be a plan to combat a physical disaster. What if the office building is flooded and all the computers are ruined? What if an upset employee deletes all the data? Is data backed up offsite so the business is able to come back from this disaster? Along with backup data, there should also be proactive efforts to detect and eradicate malicious activity.

It is just as important to have a backup plan in IT as it is to have easily restored data. IT support may decide to leave one day, and a company does not want to be blindsided and left unable to come back from the loss of this crucial asset. Information about IT operations and services should be stored in a central location so that it can be available if and when need be.

Having a conversation about these six aspects and how to properly implement them will save the company time and money. You can read the original article here: http://it.tmcnet.com/topics/it/articles/2015/10/05/410880-six-things-it-support-might-be-missing.htm

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