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IT Support: The Misunderstood Asset

Who holds the key to facilitating conversations between the business and IT, yet remain strategically ignored? The service desk is such an integral aspect and yet so dreadfully not given the tools to function well. In a post for Valorize IT, this issue is explored more in depth. When it comes to creating a well-working service desk, there are four aspects to consider:

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Products
  4. Partners

Parts to Power Proper Service

The people whom IT serves as well as those working in IT should be the first priority. Human capital can only be maximized when the individuals are trained well and know how to discover and share knowledge quickly. Reinforce good behavior by acknowledging efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. Giving people more responsibilities can often encourage a better output. The bottom line is to create and manage a setting conducive of positive work.

Process is integral to success. Establish ways that work and recycle processes that have worked well in the past in order to save time. A process explains to the service desk how to do something while the detailed procedures give them something to gauge the outcomes against. Keep an eye on the processes to ensure they continually run smoothly. It is also important to implement a request fulfillment process with detailed instructions.

Products are the tools that equip the processes and people to better handle situations. Everything from troubleshooting to decision support improves the service desk and allows them to run more smoothly. In order for all of this to work, the process and product needs to align.

Finally, partners are the external backbone that invest in the department. They should be managed as if they are a part of the core business and a formal agreement may prove useful. When a problem arises, the blame cannot be shifted to the supplier; the customer wants to see the department take accountability. There should be attention paid to anything that may affect quality.

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