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CIOs Need to Expand Service Management Beyond the IT Department

Does IT service management hold the key to saving money? In an article for Computer Weekly, Cliff Saran shares the findings of a survey of UK CIOs that reveals UK businesses could save £1.2bn a year by simply reinventing IT service management.

“Simply” Reinventing

Businesses seem to be failing to apply the best practices of service management. It is a substantially cheaper endeavor to invest in existing technology and implement it throughout other departments than it is to invest in an entirely new expenditure. A full 98% of CIOs believe that their departments could benefit from this extension of resources. Only 22% proclaim that their business is using the same technology platform as IT.

While at work, there is a consensus that the same user-friendly technology exhibited in the home environment should be utilized. Seventy-eight percent of organizations are not fully taking advantage of self-service technology from IT into other departments. Ninety-one percent of CIOs have implemented some self-service portals, but too much of the technology is still manual. This survey revealed that, on average, it takes five separate systems to complete a simple process. Taking a note from IT can allow for these systems to be far less time-consuming and an overall better use of time. To put it into perspective: an organization of 5,000 employees could save four million hours, or 2,000 employees by reducing the need to complete repetitive tasks.

One simple task that is taking far too much time and effort is the adding of a new employee to the system. If this process were to become automated, rather than taking days to integrate the employee’s information, the entire process could take minutes, drastically reducing overhead costs. HR is often hesitant to push information such as this out, but it actually makes life easier and saves money because they do not have to waste their time calling IT constantly. IT needs to strive to make their services understandable and reachable.

Broadening service management is one investment worth its weight in gold. You can read the original article here:

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