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Are Your IT Certifications Killing Your Career?

Is too much of a good thing really that bad? When it comes to specializations, they are proven to be invaluable assets. However, according to Bruce Harpham in an article for, too many specializations may just limit your potential. Here are some right and wrong ways to pursue certification.

Buried in Certification

What exactly does IT specialization look like? Because of the 2007-2009 recession, several IT professionals altered their focus towards healthcare because of its growth potential. There are more than 100 different certifications available to members of IT, as well as a multitude of different job titles. These different facets of specialization mean different things to different people.

To a recruiter, specialization will enhance one’s salary, but only to an extent. In the 2016 Salary Guide for Technology Professionals, the most valuable skills to have are: Microsoft SQL Server database, Java development, Microsoft SharePoint, Cisco network administration, and virtualization. Although the extent to which a salary will be increased by these skills varies, it is clear that embracing the company’s programs helps immensely.

What is so bad about acquiring a certification to further one’s career? The problem is that people are so busy pursuing these certificates that they do not actually apply the knowledge. It is in actuality through using the knowledge that they become great technical leaders. It is important to look towards long-term career goals and take the active steps that will get you there; if you want to be a manager, focus on responsibilities that will show your leadership potential, not a certificate that proves you can pass a class. The certification process can be long, and it may be that time is better spent in actual practice.

If you want to ultimately be in a role of management, there are a few key behaviors to engage in that will help in the process. First is to understand the customer clearly. The whole business is dependent upon the customer, and making a good connection with them is vital. Additionally, inspire curiosity. The best innovative ideas stem from questioning everything, so encourage the quest for knowledge. These people skills help to increase job satisfaction.

When growing one’s technology career, it is important to not only invest in certificates, but also to look towards alternative routes. Develop people skills and actively take responsibilities that will ultimately help you reach your career goals. You can read the original article here:

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