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Are You Stuck in a Legacy Data Center State of Mind?

Is it true that the cutting-edge IT department is actually stuck 30 years in the past? The reality is that a surprising majority of IT departments are in fact behind the times. Jim O’Reilly, writing for TechTarget, examines why the IT industry is behind and how to advance into the world of tomorrow.

Legacy is a Stopgap

What keeps a massive retailer like Amazon such a success is their usage of an IT infrastructure that allows smaller retailers to sell through their website. This is a perfect success story of a company that has moved away from a legacy data center. This facet of IT is very slow and expensive to run and maintain, making it almost entirely obsolete. COBOL language too is becoming a thing of the past. Although there are risks associated with changing from a legacy server, in the end the cost is nothing compared to the cost of not remaining current.

When phasing out a legacy system, there will be great adversity. This system was probably established thirty-some years ago and is a reflection of the business then. Systems will need to change. Traditional legacy makes an attempt to tightly intertwine various departments , but the modern way of thinking is to focus on the interfaces between modules and the ability to interchange data. Approximately 40% of legacy coding is not used, needing to be rid of.

Letting Legacy Go Softly

What does the future look like? Many CIOs are stuck in the past and are too nostalgic to look towards the future in order to better suit the company’s needs. This change will not occur overnight, nor will it be an easy, straight-forward path. Legacy is not entirely obsolete, and because of this, it will take time to phase out and allow for personnel to see the change. There will also probably be resistance to change throughout all departments because no one wants to be disrupted. But at the end of the day, legacy IT will be left behind. Perhaps it is time to consider a trustworthy business partner to help facilitate the shift to modernization.

You can read the original article here: http://searchdatacenter.techtarget.com/tip/Are-you-stuck-in-a-legacy-data-center-state-of-mind

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