5 Steps to Handle Tough Questions

Any big new idea will necessarily be met with some hearty pushback. In an article for Bloomberg Business, Carmine Gallo offers five steps to parrying hard questions.

How to Deflect

Before an event, try to anticipate in advance the hot-button issues likely to come up. Organize questions into broad categories, because you will likely find some overarching explanations that can address multiple questions at once. Try to build one grandiose answer per category of questioning; just be mindful to use phrasing that addresses the actual question that ends up being asked. Listen for trigger words or phrases in a question that clue you in to a specific bucket from which to derive an answer. Lastly, look the person in the eye and speak with confidence when you respond. Follow these steps, and you will sound like a genius, or at least like just another preprogrammed political robot.

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