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4 Tips for Troubleshooting Issues within a Project

Problems will arise during a project. This is inevitable. Whether it be an inability to keep those invested interested or being unable to keep a competitive price, there are ways to combat any problem. An article at proposes four behaviors to engage in that help resolve those pesky problems:

  1. Pool your brainpower.
  2. Get out of the office.
  3. Have processes in place.
  4. Is the problem related something else?

As not only the project manager, but the project’s leader, you need to take initiative and get everyone together to brainstorm solutions to problems. Understand that your team is compiled of a variety of people each equipped with different skills and ideas. This variety can help bring insight to a problem and help develop solutions. Be able to accept that you do not hold all the answers and sometimes you need help to fix things.

When you hit that wall and you cannot seem to get past the hurdle of a mental block, get up and get out. When you redirect your focus on a different activity, hopefully new surroundings, your subconscious is able to pick away at the problem and develop a solution.

Processes need to be established in order for a project to be completed, and these projects should be automated when possible. Why waste valuable time on something that could be done instantaneously? Well-defined processes can even help to avoid problems entirely.

Sometimes, a problem is a mere indicator of a different problem. Perhaps the team has spent too much money on a specific aspect of the project and maybe that is because there was a poorly planned timeline. The true problem of this budget overrun is in fact poor planning. It is important to clearly identify the proper source so that the problem can be properly rectified.

Be vigilant and mindful of the situations around you, and all problems will be resolved without a dramatic fight scene. You can read the original article here:

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