4 Potential Benefits of Open Offices

The backlash against open offices is heavy, but some businesses think they know how to do it right. The Motley Fool is one of those businesses, and they highlight four plusses of the open office model. The first is that it fosters more real, human communication, and they point to how email traffic dropped more than 50 percent at GlaxoSmithKline after adopting an open office layout. A second benefit is that company leadership becomes more approachable, in that they are literally as visible as anyone else on the floor. Third, unique workspaces become possible, allowing people to bring in bean bag chairs or camp out by a window. Lastly, The Motley Fool desks all have wheels, which means not only can employees self-organize at the drop of hat, but they also can have an easy time of doing it. Open offices are not entirely hippy nonsense.

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