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3 Tips to Hire and Keep the Best IT Staff

What is often more difficult than attracting qualified candidates? Keeping great employees interested and committed to the organization. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels unearths three substantial tips that can help to draw in IT professionals and keep them fully invested in the organization.

Catch, Train, Challenge

The first of these tips is to promote the company to as wide an audience as possible. One of the most crucial aspects of the interview process is selling the IT department to the candidate. One interesting manner in which to widen the pool of talent is to explore international options. These candidates bring with them a varied culture and new perspective on existing problems. Another aspect worth discussing is the employee’s pay. When an employee feels as though they are being fairly compensated, they are more likely to stay with the company. First Utility CIO Bill Wilkins explains how in his organization, he would rather pay a few really great people who can make a difference a higher salary than to hire a bunch of mediocre players.

Having a tangible plan offers not only guidance, but security. In the upcoming years, there is to be a skills shortage when it comes to IT professionals, and because of this IT professionals have seen a raise in their annual wages. This niche skill set is highly coveted, and when an organization takes a proactive approach, they can breed these skills internally and invest in the talent that already exists in the company. Money is not everything, but providing a person with some level of authority and responsibility can inspire loyalty.

The final suggestion is to give people a challenge they can really get into. Richard Norris, head of IT and business change at Reliance Mutual Insurance Limited, states that the key to attracting people to the business is the size of the challenges presented. In the interview process, Norris is able to elaborate to the candidate how they would be able to come in and inspire change, rather than simply showing up and maintaining excellence. He needs people who would question everything, a real draw for the go-getter candidates. The challenges make people feel fulfilled, and that is what keeps them at the company.

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