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3 Strategies to Earn the Right to Influence

Unfortunately, it is frowned upon to shackle your team to keep them working. Every member is essentially a volunteer, and it is important to find the right way to influence the members to stay engaged. Reflecting on a recent presentation viewed, Bruce Harpham, writing for Project Management Hacks, explores this necessity for maintaining interest.

Three Steps to Develop Character

  1. Making things their own personal responsibility
  2. Practicing humility when the answers evade them
  3. Learning to be assertive and voice their opinions on important matters

Charisma often seems like a natural gift that a person either possesses or lacks, when in actuality it requires quite a bit of “behind-the-scenes type work.” A leader must continually strive to maintain their character or the presence thereof. This new focus on a person’s character derives from the variety of publicized scandals in recent years.

Bill Richardson developed a four-point “WAKE” model to help inspire people to reach their full potential: Want to! Able to! Know to! and Equipped to! Following this model will help keep team members focused. To begin, show members that they are valued and their work does not go unnoticed; they are an integral cog in this machine. Projects are always facing adversity because of new challenges, and it is important to ensure the team is able to perform the tasks being asked of them. Directions should be clear to avoid failure and the team should be able to know precisely what is being asked of them.

As for learning to be assertive, the mind is a dark cavern that is filled with endless potential. There are two types of ways to think, either as the “autopilot” or the “thinker.” The autopilot is quick on their feet and almost instinctual. This manner of thinking requires little effort but is often prone to errors. The thinker mode takes more time, but is a more rationalized approach. This methodology uses data and numbers to defend their arguments. Unfortunately, a hot temper and stress get in the way of proper execution.

Taking care of one’s own psychological health is imperative for a leader to be effective. They need proper rest, hydration, and nutrition merely for their body to function correctly. They should also reexamine their goal and ensure their strategy remains aligned with the desired outcome. It is easy to be sidelined by a “quick victory,” but it is important to always keep in mind what the true goal is.

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