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3 Odd Tricks for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Are you looking to get unorthodox in your strategy to overcome social anxiety? Then Jessica Stillman has just the thing in an article for Inc., where she shares three strange tips. The first one is to wear mismatched socks for the day. Most people likely will not even notice, in spite of how uncomfortable you might feel, which will hopefully help to disarm feelings in your head that everyone is watching you all the time. Another thing to try is asking 20 different people for the time of day. It can be intimidating to walk up to a stranger and start a conversation, let alone ask a basic question, but you will find that the vast majority of people will be happy to accommodate your simple request. Again, the exercise will show that the world is not so scary or judgmental (unless you live in Detroit). The final trick is to go full-on “implosion,” a strategy in which you tackle your anxiety in such an extreme way that the anxiety practically ceases to exist after having completed the exercise. One example given is that TV personality Conan O’Brien started performing stand up because “nothing in the world” terrified him more, and look how that turned out for him.

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