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You Have the IT Department You Deserve—For Better or Worse

Are you frustrated with the performance of your IT leader and their team? Peter High, contributing to Forbes, elaborates on common complaints he hears from CEOs or CFOs about the performance of their IT leader. What executives need to realize is that you only get out what you put in, and IT needs more from the business.

Misaligned Priorities

A common occurrence in a company is that different divisions of the company formulate plans in different ways, which makes it very difficult for IT leaders to work with each division. IT leaders work to ensure that each division’s plans are well-documented with clear levels of order. This allows for IT to invest their time in the problems that need attention the most and understand where there are emerging threats and opportunities in the plans.

Mark Sunday, the CIO of Oracle, has a perception that companies have the IT department they deserve. The relationship they have with IT and the communication they exude impact how successful IT will be and affect the value output from IT.

Maximizing Potential

High goes on to say that there are four essential ideals IT leaders need to abide by in order to improve performance:

  1. Ensure that the basics of IT are operating flawlessly.
  2. Pay attention to the metrics that the CEO and the board hold dear.
  3. Market IT’s successes.
  4. Focus on external customers and customer experience.

In order to maintain good-standing, the IT department should ensure that access to data remains consistent as well as making the data secured. IT ought to take preventive measures that safeguard against a data breach. Attention need also be paid to the metrics of the data, making certain that things remain on time and on budget.

IT leaders need to take positive action in marketing what the IT department does well. Too often, IT does not market properly and their work remains unnoticed. When focus is paid to the customers that the IT department is serving and the project goes well, marketing should become a top priority. Share the department’s successes.

One more thing to remember, when an IT leader is doing their job satisfactorily but is not treated like a partner in the firm, the quality of the relationship descends. If you want a better IT department, give them the tools and opportunities to make them successful, but more importantly, part of the team.

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