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Why You Should Zip It About Your PMP

You have acquired the golden ticket to success: your PMP, congratulations! But, in the relentless real world, this golden ticket does not grant you access to more prestige. In a post for PM Hut, Joe Caprara explores reasons why your PMP does not automatically heighten your abilities, and why you should be mindful not to become too big-headed.

It Takes More than Book Smarts

PMI does an excellent job of providing real-world experiences integrated into objective testing; however, it does not directly give managerial experience. A graduate earning their PMP can satisfactorily walk away knowing they have worked around projects, but they have not actually managed them. This requires on-the-job experience following the culmination of the program.

In the world of PMPs, PMBOK is a comprehensive tool that helps to illustrate the guidelines for project, program, and portfolio management. This tool is not law though. The purpose of this body of knowledge provides a basis for consistency when assessing management tactics. Sometimes deviation is in order and a suggestion that differs from the guidelines may be the most appropriate solution.

Your PMP is something to take a great deal of pride in, but there is no need to brag about it every time you get the chance. Mention it during the interview process and then keep it to yourself. If you are in a situation in which you are constantly explaining your credentials, you are probably in a negative environment and should seek opportunity elsewhere.

In closing, pursuing a PMP is admirable and will surely help advance your career; just do not become obnoxious about it. Experience outweighs credentials.

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