CIODigital Disruption

Why CIOs Must Change Their Leadership Style

CIOs are pushing for a redefinition of leadership to better align with the technological changes occurring in the world. Dennis McCafferty delves into the realm of CIO leadership and illustrates why accepting the digital world is so vital to staying current and effective.

The transition into a digitized leadership style is not only encouraged, but essential. CEOs have an expectation that their CIOs will step up and be front runners in the digital world. Interestingly, CIOs widely accept this responsibility and 75% are planning to change their leadership style over the course of the next few years. During the same timeframe, 65% are planning to implement less “command and control” efforts. Despite all this progression, 7 out of 10 express apprehension that their organization is not maintaining adequate risk management for the change.

Because of a digitized move towards future management styles, the IT department is becoming increasingly pertinent.

The following are a list of what CIOs have deemed the IT department’s top priorities:

  1. Business intelligence and analytics – 50%
  2. Data Centers – 37%
  3. Mobility – 34%
  4. Enterprise resource planning – 34%
  5. The cloud – 32%

Looking into the future, progress is being made, however not a steady enough pace. Investing in IT should be approached as increasing the revenue per dollar of IT cost rather than a financial burden brought about by the digital progress. Aligning with maximizing revenue, CIOs should channel their focus more on the proper execution of the “benefits harvesting” stage. It is equally important to not simply view IT as a transaction; they hold far more value than that.

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