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The Secrets to a Great Business Card

As Margot Harrington and Teresa Pereira explain for Business Insider, a business card is more than an antiquated means of exchanging information—it is great for spurring conversations and relationships too! In an infographic, their insights break down how exactly your business card will work for you. For instance, if you are “all business,” then keep it minimalistic and be “confident” enough to put just the essentials, your name and contact info. If you are looking to break the ice with your business card, then make sure the card is a natural extension of your personality, displaying your energy or sense of fun. Make them want to keep talking to you! And if you work in a visual medium, then it is a no-brainer to use your card to display a sample of your work on it. Whatever you end up doing though, make sure your business card captures your aesthetic. Then spread the joy of You to the world.

You can view the infographic here:

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