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The Most Horrifying Team-Building Exercises

Get ready to laugh and cringe. Alison Green shares in an article for The Fast Track some of the most horrific team-building activities that employees have encountered.

These Were Bad Ideas

One team of employees was corralled and encouraged to tell each other what they did not like about each other, which succeeded in making people cry and making the whole team actively dislike each other. Another team was invited to do ‘horse whispering’ in order to develop better communication, which resulted in one worker nearly getting trampled by a horse. Then there was a team who spent about two hours having to visualize the “temple of the dolphin” and was encouraged to learn leadership from the glory of dolphins. The worst story shared was a mandatory weekend party outside a person’s house that stretched on for three or four hours, and nobody but supervisors was allowed to use his bathroom or enter his house even when it started raining. Yikes.

For more terrible stories, and some tips for what would be better ideas, you can read the full article here:

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