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Resume Gold: Establish Yourself as an IT Thought Leader

How do you distinguish yourself from the other competent and effective leaders who seem to be sprouting up like daisies? Patrick Gray, writing for TechRepublic, explores the many ways in which to separate oneself as a thought leader who takes the industry by storm.

Welcomed with Thunderous Applause

A thought leader is a person who is highly visible within the industry because of their innate ability to write and speak. They can articulate clearly and concisely what the industry may look like in the coming years. Oftentimes, these people are bloggers who know how to skillfully transcribe their views.

But why would anyone wish to have a tedious second job blogging? The glamourous life of a social media icon does not hold a candle to the prestige of leadership. Nonetheless, this is a way in which a person can become a more valuable employee and may even lead to new opportunities. Researching information for blog posts also exposes a person to new aspects of their own career. This broadening of knowledge allows for a rather rewarding experience.

How to Get Started

Developing a plan for leadership is a very beneficial aspiration; however, starting is the most arduous part. In today’s world there are a variety of mediums in which to publish information. The company may even have an internal publication that you can jump on board with and utilize. If there is no internal source, looking to outside blogs may prove fruitful as editors are often looking for new, enthusiastic writers. If neither of these routes are promising, pave your own path and start by sending resourceful emails yourself.

Like with most things in life, it is often best to start with what you know. Write about the processes you are familiar with and the experiences you have had personally. A few simple paragraphs in an email can spiral into the chance to write a book, speak publically, or even have a paid writing assignment. The ability to write and speak well is coveted and will lead to great opportunities.

Becoming a thought leader is a slow, arduous journey filled with a lot of extra work, but in the end it is well worthwhile. You can read the original article here:

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