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Looking for a Good Project Manager: 5 Tips for Hiring the Right One

Is your organization in dire need of a new project manager? Or maybe you just want to be sure as a project manager yourself that you are still up to snuff? In an article for Project Smart, Brad Egeland shares his secrets for hiring the optimum project manager candidate.

Hiring Tips to Remember

  1. Look for leadership skills.
  2. Look for tech skills.
  3. Look for passion.
  4. Get detail on past project successes.
  5. Emphasize experience over certification.

Most fundamentally, a person needs to possess the proper skills in order to handle the job. Leadership skills are vital and are either something a person possesses or they do not. A manager with exceptional leadership skills is able to make unfavorable decisions and make their team understand why it had to be done. Having general tech skills will also prove useful because they illustrate an analytical side to decision-making.

Passion meanwhile is essential in project execution. Passionate leaders are driven to succeed and driven to best serve their clientele. This drive and enthusiasm often has a ripple effect and inspires their team to be just as zealous. If during an interview there is a candidate who complains, he is not a proper fit and will probably not instill the vibe on a team that creates inspiration and understanding.

The final two elements to investigate about the candidate involve analyzing their prior experiences and certification. Past project successes are a good indication of future accomplishments. When interviewing, ask about the details, get the dollar amounts or the team size. These small details help to differentiate from actual events and a work of fiction fabricated to make a candidate seem more competent. Experiences such as successes are far more pertinent than certification. There are many amazing project managers who do not have certifications, but they are good at what they do. When it comes down to it, a certificate does not speak for an applicant, nor does it prove any future achievement.

Be mindful of who you are hiring and be proactive into looking into the elements of the candidate that will prove to be truly helpful in the grand scheme of things. You can read the original article here:

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