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ITSM Futures: Be a Disruptor, Not the Disrupted

Is IT service management (ITSM) becoming an obsolete entity? No, it is here to stay, of course. But Joe the IT Guy explains how the technology sector is changing by implementing a “Third Platform” that is upsetting IT, and, inadvertently, forever changing ITSM.

ITSM Still Reigns

The hype surrounding platforms such as the cloud, lean, or DevOps is disproportionately enthusiastic in comparison to its IT counterpart. The cloud market only accounts for 3% of a $3 trillion enterprise IT market, relatively minuscule in the grand scheme of things. This does not imply that these platforms should be dismissed, but rather that ITSM should be equally respected by its equivalents. ITSM needs to embrace growth and be fearless of the daunting complexities enterprises represent.

With the embracing of change, ITSM can work in innovative ways that create better practices. There are new methods of working that actually integrate traditional ITSM practices and integrate them in a manner of looking towards the future as Joe says: “For example, one such method is ‘design for failure,’ where instead of IT failures being something to eradicate, they are something to be embraced, to be expected, and to be protected against.”

A Winning Strategy

Implementing an API strategy can be immensely beneficial and open up key routes to effective communication. Conversing is imperative to ensure that the proper services are being done, as well as ensuring the proper tools to execute those services are in place. An API strategy allows for an organization to write their own applications to use in conjunction with the ITSM tool and data, creating a more efficient environment for the organization.

Progression from the costly and limiting use of data warehousing has allowed for an organization to utilize better tools to both store and analyze data. Using these tools also allows for previously undetected relationships to be uncovered and exploited.

ITSM needs to be an assertive, disruptive power. Embracing the latest technology and trends can propel IT forward into the realm of innovation. The disruption needs to include: embracing social changes, allowing an ITSM user to access the tools and data from anywhere on any device, opening ITSM data to allow people to investigate getting data in and out of the system, and making ITSM systems cloud-compatible. These types of movement can be seen in other aspects of the organization, so ITSM needs to jump on board!

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