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How to Onboard Yourself in 5 Days

Your first day at a new organization is filled with apprehension and excitement, but people are not always as organized as you would hope. Sometimes, you end up having to onboard yourself. How can a leader like you integrate into an already existent organization successfully? In a post at his blog, Bruce Harpham elaborates on the steps to take in order to onboard yourself in five days.

Here are a few situations that may warrant being your own escort:

  • Starting a brand new project
  • Being newly promoted
  • Becoming a new volunteer
  • Joining a rapid-growth organization

The first three situations suggest that you are becoming a leader in a new scenario, and require a touch more intuition and reliance on your own abilities. The fourth scenario proposes that you will need to jump in running because the organization is already moving at a quick pace. Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to assimilate into the organization in only five days, given that you have a few days to use at your own discretion.

Day 1

The first day is rather exciting and crucial to truly becoming a strong leader. This day should begin with verifying that you actually have access to all the elements you may need and testing the technology to ensure it works. You should read all of the background information in order to familiarize yourself with what is happening and what the expected product is. Additionally, take thorough notes so that this wealth of knowledge is not lost in the caverns of your memory.

Day 2

The second day should be focused on gaining clarity regarding the goals you should accomplish. When you enter a meeting, adopt the mindset of a beginner and learn all you can from management, encouraging suggestions.

Day 3

On the third day, your focus should turn to meeting your peers. Learn their names, learn their stories with the company, and look for those who will support you. Leaders need to be people-oriented in order to ensure success.

Day 4

There are often more important people to meet outside the organization’s walls—enter day four. You can learn more about expectations and current happenings by familiarizing yourself with company committees, the directory, and even company announcements.

Day 5

By day five you really begin to understand the team. Now it is time to look for “quick wins” to help motivate your team and keep them headed in a positive direction. Taking a few moments daily to identify possible wins or meeting with management can help you to uncover some wonderful ideas to keep the project moving forward.

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