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How Do You Fine-Tune the Change Management Process?

Change is the only constant. Modifications are normal and are often pushed frequently; however, more than two-thirds of change management efforts fail. Pearl Zhu explores how to effectively implement adjustments to the plan, as well as how to communicate these new alterations with employees.

Softening the Push to Change

The team is an essential piece in implementing change. Yes, management needs to remain assertive and decisive independently, but to neglect including the team on such an important decision is setting up for failure. Change should be agreed upon and disseminated through the levels of the company, with management ensuring that everything remains running smoothly at each level.

It is quite normal to receive resistance in the beginning stages, especially from a collection of diverse people. The older generation particularly is well known for their reluctance to alter their established ways. Integrating marketing techniques may help combat this and persuade those who are skeptical to embrace the change. Communication is of course crucial, both amongst other managers to ensure that the same, clear message is being conveyed, as well as to allow employees to voice their opinions and actually be heard.

Organizational managers implementing a change management project need to understand how to balance all the elements being incorporated and how to delegate authority. Change management is comprised of four parts: people, strategies, procedures, and IT. Remaining balanced in all of these areas will ensure that a success can take place. Human Resources is the element that helps to hold all of these together and fix imbalances when they occur.

Managers need to maintain a respectable leadership game in order for any change to truly be implemented. They need to remember to identify a clear vision, maintain a strategy, and understand how to approach change. They need to incorporate their team and show that at the end of the day, this variation is important and people are all at the heart of it.

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