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How Authentic Leadership Increases Project Productivity

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Aligning with this sentiment, authenticity is the most coveted asset for a project leader to possess. Susanne Madsen explores this further and illustrates how to adequately execute plans to become a more authentic leader.

Integrity as a Productivity Booster

What does an authentic project leader look like? This leader has immense integrity and an innate willingness to live by their core values, while possessing the ability to remain grounded and stay focused on the “big” picture. They fully understand what the purpose of their leadership is so they are not easily influenced and persuaded out of doing what is deemed “right” and “best” for the organization. The true test of whether a leader is authentic is how they behave, how they carry out their actions. Actually following through on what one says will help to construct a house of trust.

Being comfortable with oneself allows for the ability to make quick, decisive decisions. This self-confidence inspires the building of an internal moral compass to guide the way to understanding and deciphering when to actually step in. This assurance helps to build interpersonal relationships and better serve the client’s needs, all while exuding the essence of reliability.

Authentic leaders seek to do what is right for the company and the people they serve. They are “givers” by nature, and strive to empower their subordinates rather than attempting to serve themselves at the expense of others. Essentially, satisfaction from helping a cause greater than them is its own reward. Because they seek to empower all, they do not play favorites or become consumed in office politics. When things go well they allow others to take the credit, and when things go wrong they take the responsibility.

Project managers should strive for quality and truth above all else. There is a flawed way of thinking that pushes for success to be the superior end goal, when in actuality the most pertinent objective should be to maintain integrity. You can read the original post here:

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