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Clouds Ahead: What an IT Career Will Look like in Five Years

IT is necessarily the most future-minded business unit, and so it pays to think about where IT will be in five years’ time. In an article for InfoWorld, Paul Heltzel collects executive insights on where IT is going and how not taking the initiative to look towards the future is asking for big trouble.

It’s Always Cloudy in IT Land

In five years, what is one likely to see when they enter their office? Maintaining the on-premise data center is a very costly endeavor and will likely be cut back. The move towards the cloud is happening now and it is very probable that companies will choose to take on the initial expense of implementing it so they can save money down the road. The cloud is a tool that ceases the necessity for IT departments to be on-site, performing monotonous tasks. Instead, it moves for the outsourcing and automation of these tasks.

These changes in IT will cause a shift in their mission, pushing for a more strategic, software-centric vision. Rather than supporting equipment, IT managers will begin to support applications. This will push for IT to become heavily staffed with software engineers. However, not everything will change. Technical debt will forever be a problem to be combatted.

Reemphasizing Value Through Data

Despite the cloud gaining vitality, the IT department will not disappear in entirety. They will need to shift their focus to brainstorming ideas on how to monetize, share, and utilize data. IT needs to focus on vendor, business, security, and service management. People will be employed entirely for the purpose of ensuring that things work properly in the cloud.

Today, the most important thing IT can accomplish is to configure devices to maximize performance, control access, and ensure that devices, systems, and applications are secure. New opportunities lie in the push for a better optimized mobile workforce. IT may even merge with other departments. When cloud vendors are tasked with fixing glitches, IT managers can take on projects that are designed to help improve the organization. The future presents an opportunity for IT to solve coworkers’ problems with tools that are adaptable to the ever-changing environment.

There are some problems that come with implementing the cloud entirely. One such is the question of whether the cloud provides the same level of security as a data center. How can one integrate the data from other systems with the cloud? These are the questions to ponder when making the decision about whether or not a business will decide to develop the expertise to handle these obstacles in-house or whether to invest in hiring outside resources to handle them. IT can enable the business to progress further rather than standing in the way of progression.

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