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A Quick Guide to Net Promoter Score

Is there a better way to survey common support tools? Aprill Allen, writing for the ITSM Review, sat down with Dave O’Reardon to discuss his Net Promoter, and how IT leaders can improve their services.

How to Score Service

Net Promoter (and the Net Promoter Score, NPS) is a free tool that when utilized improves customer loyalty and satisfaction. It benchmarks your scores and helps for you to understand your performance. A customer will be asked a question with a basic rating system and how they score illustrates how they can be categorized: “a Promoter (they scored 9 or 10), a Passive (they scored 7 or 8), or a Detractor (they scored 6 or below).” Net Promoter then subtracts the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters and a score between -100 and +100 is calculated.

Net Promoter is all about the improvement of customer service, and the only way to improve service is to understand the customer’s perceptions. There are two problems with the traditional methods of transactional survey: internal service providers all use different methods to measure performance, and an alarming majority of organizations do not know what to do with the data they have collected. If different organizations use different scales and different methods, there is no unified way to compare results amongst organizations. Organizations also merely report results, not utilizing them to make decisions that would improve behaviors and would lead to improved customer satisfaction.

When IT departments pay attention to customer feedback, communication is improved. Utilizing Net Promoter or a similar concept highlights IT’s strengths and weaknesses and illustrates ideas on how to improve the customer experience.

O’Reardon’s final thoughts are simple: do not dismiss customer feedback. The quality and value that an organization provides to an employee are not elements that have tangible numbers to measure; they lie in the perception of the customer. Net Promoter is one tool that can acquire the feedback to reflect upon the quality and value being provided, and this pushes the organization to continually improve.

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