7 Ways the ‘Little Guy’ Can Partner with Big Companies

How do you get noticed by the big kids at the business lunch table? Colleen Debaise has seven recommendations in an article for Entrepreneur.

Seven Big Tips

Attend business matchmaking programs and other networking events, especially those actually conducted by big players, such as Hewlett-Packard. Ask about large companies’ supplier diversity or “HUB” (historically underutilized businesses) program, as companies often set aside large sums of money for small businesses that can help them tap into new markets. When you do get to meet with a procurement officer, have your business plan and financial statements ready to go. Likewise, understand the formal requirements that come from working with a large business, such as UPC codes and having attractive packaging. Additionally, do not underestimate the added complications of increasing your capacity when you land big new business. If an offer demands too much of you, do not be afraid to turn it down. As long as you are willing to put in the time, your business will eventually be a success worthy of the big guys’ attention.

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