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7 Tips for Successful Team-Building Activities

Properly conducted team-building activities have been shown to positively affect the bottom line for businesses. An article at The Business Journals offers seven tips to put the biggest smiles on everyone’s faces.

The Keys to Adventure

Whatever you do, schedule it during work hours—nobody loves work enough to want to be at the office on the weekend. The activity you choose should encourage collaboration over competition, as the point is to bring people together, not drive a wedge. Likewise, the activity should be accessible and inclusive. Not everyone is physically equipped for a relay race, for instance. You might want to consider going off-site for the event, even if you are not doing anything too outdoorsy, just to reinforce that it will not be work-as-usual. If lacking ideas, volunteer work is a great way to spend time wisely and make people feel good about themselves. Regardless of what you decide though, make sure everyone understands the overall goal of the activity, so that people are still thinking about the business as they have fun. Then collect feedback to see if the event went as well as you hoped.

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