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5 Ways to Manage Aggressive Team Meetings

Have you ever had the displeasure of enduring an aggressive team meeting? In a post for Project Management Insight, Karen Munro explores five tactics one can take in order to better handle such a turbulent environment:

  1. Be silent.
  2. Stop the meeting.
  3. Consider who has the problem.
  4. Notice your thoughts.
  5. Remember “Rule Number 6.”

Letting Cooler Heads Prevail

The first tactic is to be silent. Something has sparked the fire of rage within the angry person and they need to let out all the smoke. This vicious commentary may not be directed at anyone in particular; they just need to vent and express their thoughts. The person is likely to cool off and quiet down afterward.

If things are really getting out of hand, there is always the option to stop the meeting. Following the conclusion of the meeting, it may be beneficial to follow up with the aggressive members and inquire as to what has them so worked up. Perhaps all they wanted was to feel heard, and having a simple conversation can fulfill this desire.

The third tactic is to consider who in actuality has the problem. Are there two people who appear to be having a problem amongst themselves that is permeating the meeting? Pull these two aside, and be a mediator. Allow both individuals to speak and fully voice their concerns. Try to come to a mutual understanding so that everyone can come back together and have a productive meeting.

The next approach is to take notice of the thoughts you are having while hearing the aggressive dialogue. Realize that you are safe and all is okay; someone is just angry. No one is hurt or going to get hurt.

The final strategy is to remember “Rule Number 6.” This rule can be explained like this: “The practice of rule number six is to lighten up, and not take yourself too seriously. By doing this you may notice that the whole room might lighten up around you.” Humor is the best medicine and can very much inspire resolution to aggression. This may not work in all scenarios, but it is worth a shot.

You can read the original post here: https://projectmanagementinsight.com/relationship-management/manage-aggressive-team-meetings/

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