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5 Tips for Designing an Effective Business Card

Deep in your heart lies an artist, and so you have decided to mastermind your business card yourself. Christina Wang provides five sharp tips in an article for Shutterstock.

Find Your Style

The first tip is to avoid gimmicks and keep it simple. Stick with black or dark gray text, and do not get fancy with displaying any important information; wild fonts will only distract people. Second, a business card is a marketing tool, so deploy it deliberately. Design the card to be memorable and use it to literally start conversations. Third, consider spending a bit more to use the back of the card too, perhaps for a logo, brand statement, or photo that encapsulates what you do. Fourth, erm, well, yeah, maybe go ahead and seek professional advice, if this is your first rodeo with graphic design. Lastly, stick to only putting relatively permanent information on your card. Attaching a slogan or a coupon to the card might sound good now, but you might get sick of that slogan later, and who wants to entertain a coupon from 2003?

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