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3 Top Reasons for Project Misunderstandings

Where do misunderstandings stem from? Is it a lack of sleep that causes an abrasive personality? Maybe it is a lack of love that makes a person bitter and too arrogant to compromise. In an article for CIO.com, Brad Egeland proposes the three chief scenarios that lead to misunderstandings.

How Misunderstandings Happen

  1. The project manager is not a decent communicator.
  2. Meetings are not occurring frequently enough.
  3. Parameters for requirements have not been well-defined.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship and should be the foremost priority of the project manager. When the manger is not actively communicating, the project team, stakeholders, and even the customer suffer. While a minor miscommunication can easily be corrected, something major can entirely derail the project. A situation in which it is discovered that the tech lead is going on vacation during a critical time is detrimental, but easily avoided with a simple conversation.

One forum that invites open conversations is to hold a meeting. When meetings become infrequent, the group becomes disconnected and everyone is looking at different end goals. Even holding a brief ten minute powwow can actively combat this disastrous occurrence.

While in meetings it is important to define the requirements of the project, because these will be the guiding lights to illuminate the end objective. Inaccurate necessities will lead to a flawed solution that in turn causes an unhappy audience. It is far more effective and efficient to simply make this a priority from the beginning rather than have to rework a project following its completion. Having to change things ends up devaluing the project.

You can read the original article here: http://www.cio.com/article/2986805/project-management/3-top-reasons-for-project-misunderstandings.html

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