10 Tips to Improve Your Health at Work

Remember WebMD, that helpful website that convinces you that you have a terminal disease? Well, they want to keep helping, by offering 10 shrewd tips to keep you going at work.

Ten To-Dos:

Ignore the heck out of all the snacks that colleagues bring in; they will pack hundreds of extra calories into your diet. Keep drinking water, as the “crash” you might experience late in your workday could result from a lack of hydration. Find times in your day to go on a walk, whether during your lunch break or by simply taking stairs instead of an elevator. Speaking of lunch, it is not necessarily eating lousy things that will make you fat, but rather eating far too much of a not-too-lousy thing that will make you fat. Be mindful of your posture and do not lean your neck to any one side for too often. To ward off eyestrain, keep an arm’s length away from your monitor. And to keep stress levels down, do make sure to use up all your vacation days. Too many long days can contribute to burnout, making you less effective and compromising your immune system. You want your immune system to be robust when it has to deal with the thousands of germs on your keyboard and mouse; use EPA-approved disinfectants to fight the tide. Lastly, and most importantly, just remember to stay aware of your own health. You know if you are doing well or poorly. Keep the dial trained on the right side of the spectrum.

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