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10 Team-Building Tips for the Organization

Ready to take your organization’s work to the next level? Jennifer Briton provides 10 tips for how to make the best of team-building in your organization.

Better and Brighter

Begin with a common vision of what you would like to achieve with team-building. Turn this vision into goals to which individuals can strive. Clarify team members’ roles and responsibilities so they really know where they fit in the grand scheme of the business, and ensure that managers support your initiative. On that same note, take the time to really understand what your employees need in order to further develop themselves, so you can incorporate that information as well. Pick out the sorts of activities that best foster the initial vision you had in mind, and develop an action plan to make such activities a regular part of business. Take things out of the office whenever possible for a change of pace. Then just remember to keep it all fun. If your team-building consists of a lot of people sighing and wishing they were at their cubes, something is wrong. You can read the full article here:

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