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Top 10 Project Management Certifications

Most IT activities can be considered projects whether it’s a software roll-out or a virus scan. Therefore, it’s never a bad idea to get certified in any one of a number of project management certifications that exist the world over. In a slideshow for InfoWorld, Sharon Florentine lists her top ten.

#1 – PMP (Project Management Professional): Florentine calls it the “gold standard” of PM certifications, and it covers just about everything you need to know in the area of project management.

#2 – CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management): It’s the forerunner certification to the PMP, giving an incremental approach to those working their way up the PM ladder.

#3 – CompTIA Project+: the entry-level equivalent of CAPM that is less rigorous but solicits input from across the industry for its design

#4 – MPM (Master Project Manager): is modeled after other professional licensure programs such as those for doctors, engineers, or pilots and is focused mainly on certifying professional PMs

#5 – CPM (Certified Project Manager): is the standard of most Pacific Rim countries. Its broad focus includes aspects of communications, finance, IT, market management, and more.

#6 – PMITS (Project Management in IT Security): was developed after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, to certify for IT security along with traditional project management components

#7 – APM (Associate in Project Management): This certificate is administered by a nonprofit organization (GAQM, the Global Association for Quality Management) and offers credentials to entry level practitioners who are focused on a broad knowledge base not limited to project management.

#8 – PPM (Professional in Project Management): Also offered by GAQM, this is a middle management certification that, again, focuses on a broad range of knowledge areas.

#9 – Certified Project Director: is the highest level of certification achievable through the GAQM for managing complex projects and programs. Those with considerable experience may seek this qualification for budgeting, team direction, and risk assessment/mitigation.

#10 – Project Management Certificate: Many universities (Villanova, Stanford, etc.) offer PM certifications through their professional education program, often with the benefit of satisfying college credits.

Surprisingly not mentioned in Florentine’s analysis, there is also a whole array of certification types for PMs offered under the PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) methodology, including Foundation, Practitioner, Professional, and Agile Practitioner types. Let’s not forget about our pals in the UK.

View the full slideshow to learn about prices and requirements:

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