How to Reward Your Stellar Team

How do you foster and reward team success when business fixates so much on individual performance? Amy Gallo writes for Harvard Business Review with several tips to mind the gap.

Be a Teamster

What you want to do first with your team is set clear objectives or aspirations so that everyone knows how highly they should try to achieve. Monitor progress regularly afterward, maybe using something like SurveyMonkey and having the team self-assess from week to week. As for types of reward to grant, if you have the power to increase bonuses, well, no one will be angry about it, but there are things you can do beyond giving money or buying food for that matter. Reward the team with high visibility to senior leaders to improve their career prospects. And when addressing the whole team, talk about the general behaviors that can be embodied to further success, as opposed to citing out what individual people can do to bring up the team. For a couple short case studies pertaining to these tips, you can read the full article here:

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