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How to Define Success for Yourself

The only person who can make you feel fulfilled is you. Dennis Nishi writes for The Wall Street Journal about how to define a level of success that is true uniquely to you.

Finding the Goals that Matter

One problem keeping us from feeling successful is that we unconsciously incorporate other people’s definitions of success into ours. Whether it stems from cultural norms or parental expectations, you might start pursuing things that do not actually make you happy. In America especially, there is a rush to get everything right the first time and immediately. If you want to hone in on a more intimate level of success, begin by thinking about the “narrative” that has been told in your work so far. Consider which parts you enjoyed the most and why, and whether there have been artificial roadblocks keeping you from accomplishing more. Your version of success is likely to be the one where you use your unique skills to accomplish the best work and improve society in the best way. You do not need to be rich or famous for this sort of success.

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