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Define Success: How to Find Purpose and Motivation

If your definition of success is money and power, then you basically want to become Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. If upon further reflection you would rather not become that, then Jayson Demers writes for Inc. with tips to better define success.

Maybe Become Hank Scorpio?

For many successful people, money is merely a means to an end. What you do to earn your money is where satisfaction arrives, so imagine you have limitless time and money to focus on whatever you want. Which causes would you promote, or which major problems would you want to help solve? You might find your definition of success somewhere in the answer. Of course, there are stepping stones to success. To start a dream business, you might need to earn a lot of money first, thus rightfully making “Get money” a noble goal in its own right. The important thing is that your personal convictions and motivations form the foundation of your definition of success. All of your respectable sub-goals should be in the pursuit of this overarching victory. Demers reminds us that you have only really failed when you have given up on trying to succeed.

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