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C-Suite Uncertainty: Who Leads Your Digital Strategy?

Digital transformation has become such a common topic that Sesame Street will probably be doing an episode on it any day now. As David Moschella writes for CIO UK though, there are a lot of lingering questions about who is going to lead the digital blitz. Most organizations just have not had this pivotal discussion yet.

Helmed by the C?O

Moschella and the Leading Edge Forum did research among C-level executives that suggests the ongoing digital transformation is more than a new buzzword or fresh coat of paint on standard IT. In spite of this, less than half of the companies they interviewed believed their executives could currently manage a major digital initiative successfully. And while a majority of CIOs feel that digital transformation should be their turf, only a third of them have actually been tasked with running the football with it. It is also suggested that CMOs, in spite of their experience, do not have the breadth of skills required to manage such a transformation themselves. This is one of the reasons why some firms are considering hiring a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to lead the digital experience.

It will depend on a case-by-case basis whether hiring a CDO is really necessary, but what Moschella stresses is that somebody at the top needs to be officially in charge of pursuing and executing the right digital agenda:

The alternative is not attractive. There are still too many firms where the status quo prevails: an Enterprise IT organisation that is disconnected from or can’t keep up with emerging digital business activities, a C-suite where ‘technology is not my job’ attitudes are still deemed acceptable, and isolated pockets of digital activity in marketing, engineering and elsewhere that have yet to coalesce into a real digital strategy.

With the ubiquity of technology these days, saying that technology is not your job is akin to saying that cars are not your job—no, technology and cars may not technically be your job, but you are still in for a rude awakening if something goes wrong and no one is around to help.

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