9 Digital Marketing Tips for Connecting with Teens

Maybe you want to sell to teens. Maybe you want to generate career interest in your industry to teens. Whatever the reason, it never hurts if teenagers know who you are. Jennifer Lonoff Schiff writes for with nine tips to capture their attention with digital marketing.

Marketing to the Z-ers

Take on teenage interns who can directly tell you what the battlefield/classrooms look like. Establish a corporate Instagram or even Vine presence to be where the kids are. Throw a dog a bone and ‘Like’ or retweet their stuff now and then. Make sure to include oodles of striking images in whatever social media you choose though. Look to YouTube celebrities, who are actually more popular with “Generation Z” than movie stars, to become ambassadors for your brand. May and June are peak teen shopping season, so if you plan to sell to them, schedule the blitz for then. Just keep the messaging age-appropriate—not too young or too old. Nobody, especially teens, likes to be talked down to, so use lifestyle-driven advertising that features a product rather than having a product-driven ad. Lastly, think mobile—get an app, or at least a very mobile-friendly website.

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