6 Things to Do When Proofing and Checking a Business Document

When important business documents are a mess, it makes the whole business look incompetent. Maria Christensen writes for Chron with what to do to keep it clean. Begin by verifying that the tone and style match both the document type and the tone of the company. Make sure information flows practically from one idea to another, employing headings intelligently. Obviously be vigilant about checking basic grammar and spelling, especially checking the spelling of troublesome pairs like “effect”/“affect” and “compliment”/“complement.” Confirm the accuracy of all facts and figures too, as these things are the lifeblood of good business. Next, look at the overall layout, trying to include a lot of white space and eliminating cramped spaces wherever possible. When all changes are made, go over the document from start to finish one more time anyway, perhaps reading it out loud.

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