6 Marketing 101 Tips for Technology Entrepreneurs

You may have built the greatest technology solutions in the known universe, but without competent marketing, you might as well dump it in the trash. Marty Zwilling shares six marketing tips in an article for Huffington Post.

From Trash Tech to Smash Hit

Focus on conveying what makes your solution the best one; do not give a generic message of providing great service, etc. Do your homework to speak in the lingo that your customers understand, rather than resorting to marketing-speak. Insert laser focus into your networking, targeting specific key people whom you would like to befriend. Dedicate less energy to big, anonymous networking events. Zwilling says you should not even bother following up with prospects, instead crafting a “no-follow-up sales letter” that will inevitably demand they get back to you. Do not dumb down your insights on social media for fear of letting information leave for free either. You want prospects to be impressed with you anyway, right? Lastly, always have a Plan B if your passionate Plan A fails.

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