5 Proofreading Tools to Make Your Work More Professional

The smartest people can look dumb when they have typos in their writing. In order to weed out the typos you have missed, Jack Wallen recommends five proofreading tools in an article for TechRepublic.

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The first tool is plain old Google Docs, which features grammar checking akin to that of Microsoft Word, but sometimes navigating Docs is a little easier. Spinning off from that is Google Docs Consistency Checker, a handy tool that spots inconsistencies in things like hyphenation, spelling, and abbreviations across a document. Another thing you can do, in order to actually hear if your sentences flow well, is use any of the text-to-speech capabilities available online and apply them to the document. Then there is Ginger, another free tool also available for Android and iOS that features a dictionary, synonyms, and translators. You paste your text into it and it may recommend new phrasing as well. Lastly, there is Grammarly, which costs money but has a plagiarism checker and apparently fixes more than 250 types of error, all while assisting in improving word choice.

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