4 Killer Marketing Ideas for Technology Companies

These days, the best thing tech companies can do for marketing is send one concentrated message “to a targeted group of people who are not only likely to buy but who are also naturally loyal.” John Beveridge explains how to do that with four tips.

Ice Cold Strategy

First, when you use social media, take the time to study what sorts of content do best on each platform. Short snippets of high-quality content are ideal for Twitter, while you should probably go for something a little more substantial with Facebook. Second, rather than try to artificially generate “the conversation,” look at what people are already talking about and hijack it! Watch what hashtags customers are using and what problems they are having; then swoop in for the kill with your contributions and solutions. Regardless, you have to make sure your various social media channels work in tandem to funnel people back to your website, where you make the sale. Lastly, and obviously, you must track metrics to know which strategies and platforms are working or not working.

Combine these tips for the best, most murderous marketing possible. You can read the original post here:

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