Too Much Sitting Raises Risk of Death, Even if You Exercise

Do you sit eight or more hours a day? Then it might be time to write up that will. Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but as an article at CBS News explains, studies have linked sitting to serious increased health risks. Risk of cardiovascular disease goes up by 14 percent, cancer goes up 13 percent, and diabetes leaps up 91 percent as a result of prolonged sitting. Those who sit at length and do not work out have a gigantic 40 percent higher risk of early death. People who regularly work out only experience a 10 percent higher risk of early death, but 10 percent is still a lot. If you would prefer to avoid death for a little while, take one-to-three minute standing breaks every half hour, and consider getting a standing desk. In an ideal scenario, you will work your way up to cutting two-to-three hours out of your sitting time each day. For more, you can read the original article here:

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