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The Power of Being Thoughtful and Kind

Jeff Haden shares a quick short story about the value of kind leaders in an article for Inc. He once had a major client who had acquired a large company and met with executives of his new company over a long, ego-filled morning. Afterward, as they were leaving, they found a big buffet set up outside. A local restaurant had apparently closed down for the day because they had been hired to cater this meeting (and were excited to do so), but the problem was all the executives left without eating any of it. Haden’s client, upon hearing this, insisted that the two of them eat there, and afterward they served food to the restaurant employees. The client even took pictures with them. What they never knew, but what Haden did know, is that his client’s schedule was basically already booked solid and he had no time for dining. But he did it anyway, because it was the humane thing to do. Leaders more than anyone else must set the example that everyone matters, regardless of job status. You can read the original article here:

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