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Strategic Methodologies that Will Improve Your IT Department’s Infrastructure

The future is never certain, but there are measures that you and your in-house team can take to safeguard tomorrow’s enterprise IT. Simon Mitchell for the Smart Data Collective offers several pointers for building a foundation of modernization, followed by a targeted approach to future infrastructure.

Modernizing the IT Workforce

Speaking of the future, does your team have a skill set that’s up to date with the latest developments in assessing cyber threats or with Open Source and Linux? And just as important are the roles members play within the organization. No IT outfit would be complete without a Chief Compliance Officer to manage regulatory and security issues. A set of IT architects are handy for “planning, managing, and implementing infrastructure.” Additionally, a business intelligence analyst will be there to help you improve efficiencies and to secure greater profits.

Supplementing with the MSP

In lieu of having a team of experts armed and ready, you’ll need to keep pace with evolving software, hardware, and the Internet by seeking outside help. Mitchell recommends bringing in a managed service provider (MSP) as an alternative to the commonly sourced SLA. He writes that MSPs are useful for both the short- and long-term project, as well as being cost-effective during times of crisis. Once you’ve got a full deck of in-house experts, the MSP can be weaned away from.

Linux Infrastructure

If the foundation of future-proofing is your modernized IT team replete with the necessary skills, the pinnacle is an improved Linux infrastructure. Working with the MSP, your team can increase workloads while staying within budget, can standardize hardware and software components, and can gain valuable experience managing best practice systems and Linux infrastructure. A Linux upgrade can hone efficiencies while simultaneously boosting productivity. When people and technology come together around the goal of future-proofing, you’ll soon begin to see a brighter future for your organization.

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