Sitting at Work is Bad, but is Standing Any Better?

Just because sitting can hurt your health does not mean that standing up all the time is proportionately healthier. Deborah Kotz writes for The Boston Globe about how practical standing really is. The truth is that we are not entirely sure yet about the benefits of standing. While standing does burn a few more calories, the difference is negligible, and standing also “puts more strain on our veins, backs, and joints, especially if we’re overweight.” However, standing desks do generally encourage you to move around more, and that regular movement can help. Such arrangements have reportedly boosted employee mood and energy while reducing fatigue. I suppose you could say that the benefits of standing up are what you make of it. At the least, it is recommended not to sit for more than 20 minutes at a time, and to not stand in one position for longer than eight minutes.

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